We manufacture boilers and pool heaters of all sizes. Our equipment uses biomass as fuel (pellets, chips or firewood), bringing savings and versatility in water heating and air conditioning. With auto degree of automation and temperature control we guarantee hot water, steam and air conditioning with the security that your establishment needs. Request information from our sales department or schedule a visit to see our equipment operating in clubs and hotels.
Kronus Heating strives for sustainability and economy, providing our customers with the use of biomass. Most of our equipment is designed for maximum efficiency in burning pellets, chips, firewood and other renewable fuels. We strive for excellence in control and operation, guaranteeing a degree of automation and safety similar to fossil fuels such as LPG, Natural Gas or Diesel Oil. Ask for more information with our commercial department, about biomass consumption, we have the right alternative for your business.
We use a high degree of automation in all our equipment with electronic management systems for heating, control and fuel supply, in addition to safety devices that provide tranquility, low operating cost and stability in the use of biomass. Guaranteed results for your company. Request more information from our sales department.